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10 Winter hair care tips

10 Winter hair care tips


Summer is gone for good: it's windy, it's raining a lot and it's getting colder every day. Your skin is getting paler and your hair duller. While it's cold outside, the air inside is dry and warm. Unfortunately this combination is harmful for our hair and often results in dry ends, an itchy scalp, static hair and hair loss. During this time it's best to pay extra attention to your beautiful hair with: the best tips for good hair care in winter time.  

Don't shower too hot

Anything that gives off heat is basically not good for your hair and scalp since it dries those out. It´s better to turn the water lukewarm. 

Don't wash your hair too often

You've heard it before! Even though your hair becomes greasy faster  with low temperatures, it is better not to wash it too often. Maximum should be three times a week. Why? Because when you wash your hair too often, the shampoo removes the natural, healthy nutrients from your hair and it then becomes dry and damaged.

Switch your blow dryer to a cooler setting

This also promotes good hair care in winter time because the hottest setting of your hair dryer is not healthy for your hair at all. Why? Because again: The heat from the hair dryer causes your hair to dry out. 

Wear your hair in a ponytail

Simple, but effective. By wearing your hair up, you prevent damage, dehydration and static hair.

Watch out for natural fabrics

A woolen scarf is all you want during the cold days, we know! But for proper hair care in winter time, it's best to steer clear since natural fabrics slurp the moisture out of your hair and cause your hair to become static. 

Don't skip a visit at your hairdresser

A regular hair cut will keep it healthy, especially during the winter months. By regularly we mean every six to eight weeks. 

Use conditioner!

Especially in the winter you should not skip this step during your hair routine. This helps to support your hair and makes it less static.

Eat healthy and drink enough

Healthy food and drinking enough water: what's not to like about that? Nutrition has a big impact on your overall health and that includes your hair as well!

Wear a hat

It's not only a nice addition to your outfit but it also contributes to good hair care in winter. A hat protects your hair against the low temperatures and reduces the risk of it getting static.