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Are you suffering from winter blues? 10 tips to get through winter successfully!

Are you suffering from winter blues? 10 tips to get through winter successfully!


You get up in the dark and come home in the dark. Coming out of bed is getting harder day by day and you're getting annoyed pretty easily by small things. The winter blues are already waiting for us. We all suffer from it at some point during these cold, dark winter months. But don’t worry, you are not alone! We have collected a number of tips for you that will help you get through the winter. Read on quickly!

What exactly are symptoms of winter blues?

The days are short, dark and it's cold outside. For some people, this leads to them feeling less comfortable in their own skin. The symptoms we often feel are:


- Fatigue
- Greater need for sleep
- Difficulty with getting out of bed
- Bad mood
- Irritability
- No desire to do things
- More appetite


Does this sound familiar to you? 10 tips how to get successfully through winter 


1. Get out of bed

No matter how difficult it is sometimes, do it anyway. The longer you stay in bed, the more your biological clock is disrupted. As much as we would like it, sleeping through the whole winter is not for us!

2. Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast is good for your mental well-being. So don't skip this meal and keep those bad moods away from you.

3. Seek daylight before 10:00 am every day

Do you spend the whole day at the office? Try to go outside a few times a day. Why? Daylight sends the signal of "the day has begun" through our optic nerve. As soon as you wake up your body adjusts your temperature and hormones so you feel better and can get going.

4. Establish a rhythm

This ensures that your biological clock stays in balance. So try to go to bed and stand up around the same time every day.

5. Get enough exercise

Exercise triggers the production of endorphins. This is the hormone that makes you feel happy. Tip: try to work out during the day when it’s still light outside because you often feel better than when working out in the evening when the sun is already gone and it’s dark.

6. Don't forget about yourself

Relax sufficiently and avoid stress. For example, go to the sauna for a day or crawl under a warm blanket and watch a movie.

7. Eat healthy

By eating healthy and varied you feel fit, you will have more energy and therefore feel better overall. To complement your diet, you can also try the supplements Clear & Pure. Clear & Pure prevents premature skin aging and gives your skin a healthy glow.


8. Stay positive

Write down three things every day that you are grateful for. Don't let the dark months affect your mood and rather stop your winterblues right away.

9. Make sure you get enough sleep

This ensures that you wake up less tired in the morning, which in turn will lead to a better mental state.


10. Meditate

Meditating gives you energy, a feeling of relaxation and it helps you to let go of certain negative thinking patterns and thoughts. Your feelings of happiness will increase immediately. Ideal to do during winter but actually best to do all year around.