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Fighting skin aging? Start with these 10 simple habits today

Fighting skin aging? Start with these 10 simple habits today


Staying young forever? Who wouldn't want that! Preferably inside and out. Eventually we all have to deal with wrinkles or crow's feet and that's okay but of course we would love to postpone it as long as possible. Fighting skin aging is often achieved with small, simple habits. Your diet or lifestyle, for example.

Start with these 10 simple habits today and let your skin shine as long as possible!


Fighting skin aging with 10 simple tips


1. Protect your skin against Uv-radiation

The sun is your best friend but at the same time your greatest enemy, especially when you don't protect your skin properly. Make no mistake, even in winter you should protect your skin from the sun. Do you want to enjoy the sun? No problem, but don't forget your sunscreen.


2. Wear sunglasses

Speaking of sun, our tip is to wear sunglasses. Not only does this protect your eyes but it also helps to delay skin aging. How? It prevents you from squeezing your eyes together which causes wrinkles.


3. Relax!

Try not to frown or squeeze your eyes too much. This causes fine lines and wrinkles to form more quickly which is something we want to avoid.


4. Eat healthy and varied

Nutrition has an effect on overall health and that includes your skin. Make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals and omega oils.


5. Drink enough water

Drink at least two liters of water a day. This way you will maintain a good moisture level in your skin. See….Fighting skin aging is not that difficult!


6. Stop smoking

Fighting skin aging starts with a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is definitely not a part of it. It's an unhealthy addiction and makes your skin look much older than it really is. 


7. Get enough sleep

At night our skin recovers. Do you want to postpone skin aging? Then make sure you get enough sleep so you can give this process a chance.


8. Don't run too often

Strange but true. When you run too often, your face can age faster. That happens because your skin is constantly stretching as you jump up and down. Nevertheless, exercise is healthy! Maybe try to alternate running with another activity here and there. Cycling, for example!


9. Moderate your alcohol intake

Alcohol drinkers develop skin problems or skin diseases faster. By skin problems we mean: dry skin, eczema, acne and premature skin aging. 


10. Superfoods

Goji berries, cocoa, coconut oil and chia seeds. They're not only trendy but also hearty effective in fighting skin aging. Superfoods with a high concentration of antioxidants and/or a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids have a positive impact on your skin.


Collagen Club

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