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Washing your hair only once a week? Here's how

Washing your hair only once a week? Here's how


Washing your hair too often is not healthy. That ́s because most shampoos contain harmful and chemical ingredients, such as sulfate, parabens and perfume. These ingredients cause your hair to dry out. In addition, washing your hair causes the natural oils of your hair and scalp to be removed. As a result, your scalp experiences the need to produce them again more quickly. Subsequently, oil production increases and your hair looks greasy sooner, while in fact it only gets drier through frequent shampooing. The result: You end up in a kind of vicious circle. Your hair looks greasy, you decide to wash it, which makes it look greasy again and then you decide to wash your hair again.

So washing your hair too often, unfortunately is bad for your hair and scalp. Both dry out the hair and it often leads to itching, flaking and oily hair due to stimulated oil production. Depending on your hair and scalp type, it is recommended to wash your hair once a week. This is - especially in the beginning- very difficult. The moment your hair looks even slightly greasy, you reach for a bottle of shampoo. We have put together five tips, just for you, on how to achieve washing your hair only once a week.

Washing your hair only once a week:


Build it off

If you are used to washing your hair seven times a week, you cannot change this overnight. You can of course, but then you'll be walking around with greasy hair regularly for the next while. The solution? Build it off. First stretch it by a day longer than you usually do. After two weeks, try to add another day and so on.

Make dry shampoo your new bestie

When your hair starts to get oily, use some dry shampoo instead of normal shampoo. That way you can easily put it off for another day. Spray the dry shampoo at the roots, rub it in briefly and you will immediately see that your hair looks less greasy. Dry shampoo absorbs the grease and also makes your hair look a lot more voluminous. A win-win situation!

Wash your hair twice with shampoo

Wash your hair twice with shampoo. The first round of shampoo mainly cleanses your hair: most of the dirt and grease is out. The second round ensures that the caring ingredients from the shampoo finally do their job. These ingredients make your hair less oily.


Wear your hair tight

When, after a few days, you notice that your hair is getting greasier, tie it up. Holding your hair makes the sebum less noticeable. This is a great way to stick to washing your hair once a week.

Don't apply conditioner to your scalp

Only apply conditioner to the lengths and ends, otherwise you'll end up with a greasy film on the roots and washing your hair once a week is just not feasible.


Washing your hair with shampoo too often dries out your hair and is unhealthy. We strongly believe in taking care of your hair from the inside out. Meet Holy Hair. These are vegan beauty supplements that provide beautiful, long, strong and shiny hair. One of the ingredients in Holy Hair is Biotin, or Vitamin B8: one of the most important hair vitamins.