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About Us

Begin from within

We stand for beauty and health that comes from the inside out. We believe that you look your best when you are healthy and feel comfortable in your own body. Be kind to yourself, your skin, your hair and the planet with our effective beauty and health supplements in sustainable refill packs. Oh, and did we mention we're 100% vegan?

Our core beliefs

We believe in a holistic approach to care, beauty and health. When you take good care of yourself from the inside, it will show on the outside.


Our goal is to make your skin and hair stronger, healthier and more radiant from the inside out. No frills, just extraordinary effects of proven ingredients.


Our capsules are 100% vegan and not tested on animals, produced locally with love for you and mother nature.


Sustainability and personal care go hand in hand. From refillable glass jars to local production, proven ingredients and plastic-free shipping. The greener, the better.


If you want to know more about who we are, our production process, packaging, ingredients or have any other questions about Smoothly, just ask us.

How smooth are we?

We love our community and they love our products. Read about their first- hand experiences


I am very satisfied with collagen club. I even got compliments about my looks!

It really works!

I didn't change my skincare routine at the time, but I only added smoothly to it and it really works! Can’t live without it anymore! Makes my skin glow and helps to make it look more even.

Love it

My hair really feels thicker!