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Do you suffer from dry skin? This is the best way to take care of it.

this article does not pertain to our products

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It can be normal, oily, dry, a combination of oily and dry or sensitive. Ideally, you want a normal skin (small pores and an even complexion), but unfortunately this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Do you have dry skin? Then you probably suffer from flakes or dry spots from time to time. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make dry skin glow, by taking good care of it. Read on quickly.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is often seen in areas of the face, hands, arms and legs. Our skin serves as the body's protective layer. It keeps pathogens, toxins and sunlight out and ensures that a good amount of moisture is maintained. When the outer layer is reduced, you lose too much moisture which immediately leads to dry skin. Also when you have a shortage of fats, your skin is less able to retain it´s needed moisture.

Tips for taking care of your dry skin:

Don't shower for too long and not too hot

Hot water rinses the fatty layer from your skin but this layer of fat is desperately needed to protect your skin and keep it hydrated. Showering only every other day is therefore highly appreciated by your skin. If you want to shower every day anyway (we get it), keep it short and don´t turn the water too hot.

Don't use too much soap

Exactly the same story as when you shower for too long and too hot: Soap dissolves the fatty layer of your skin which is why it´s better to use an oil-based product or just water.

When it's cold outside: dress warm and cozy and don't forget your gloves

You know the drill: extra chapped lips and dry hands during low temperatures. This has to do with the fact that the cold winter months also bring cold, dry air. So make sure to dress accordingly, layer up and prevent extra dehydration of the skin.

Stop exfoliating

If you have dry skin, it’s best not to use exfoliating salts in the shower because this only damages the dry skin even more.

Gently part yourself dry after showering

If you have dry skin, it is better to gently pat your body dry instead of rubbing it with a towel. Rubbing your skin too harsh can cause more damage to your skin than you might think. So keep that in mind and be gentle.